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5 Simple Ways to Improve your Digital Marketing Strategy

If your business does not have a digital presence, then you can assume that your marketing is in its purgatory state. The digital marketing arena is extremely volatile and chances are what you have learnt a couple of years ago might be almost irrelevant now. Here are some ways to improve your overall digital marketing:

1. Make sure your website is easy to navigate
Make sure that your website is easily navigable. It is not a good sign if your prospective clients feel lost in your website. Having a simple website design can go a long way. Simple website navigation means that your bounce rate can remain low – which is a good sign!

2. Make your website mobile friendly
Chances are, most of your website traffic is coming from mobile phones rather than a computer. A quick view at your Google Analytics will show you how your users are accessing your website. It is common sense that if your users are coming from mobile devices, then having a mobile-friendly website is the way forward.

3. Your social media presence must be strong
Most companies focus solely on Facebook. Despite its massive popularity, it is not the only powerful social media tool out there. Making regular use of Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube (among others) can contribute to strengthening your digital marketing presence.

4. Don’t ignore traditional marketing channels
It sounds ironic that an article about digital marketing mentions traditional media channels. However, just because your digital marketing presence is spot on, it does not mean that you should ignore other channels. The argument should never be digital marketing vs. traditional marketing, but it should be digital marketing and traditional marketing. Making use of different, yet complementary channels is a valuable way of boosting your marketing campaign.

5. Attend workshops or short courses on Digital Marketing
Attending a day course on digital marketing is a great way to keep updated on recent marketing changes. A hands-on course can help boost your digital marketing techniques as well as to enhance your company’s overall branding strategy. Malta Business School has launched its one-day Advanced Digital Marketing course, scheduled for 24th May 2019. This is a practical programme designed to help you boost your digital marketing techniques.

Interested in applying for the programme? Send us an e-mail now at [email protected] and we will help you with your registration process.

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We believe that sustainable change can only be achieved through a genuine understanding of the real issues facing organisations. We consult by working collaboratively with you, as our client, involving you in creating and developing a participative process to bring about real change. 

We deliver strictly confidential individual or group coaching sessions in a safe and secure environment tackling issues for personal or professional improvement and growth. Our executive coaching sessions are led by qualified coaches with experience in dealing with people coming from different cultural backgrounds and diverse business roles and situations.