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Our Mission

Helping adults achieve their personal and professional development goals to create value for themselves, their organisations and their communities.

Our Ethos

The motto of our school has always been, Applying Knowledge for Success.

This means that we not only promote the acquisition of knowledge through various methods of learning, but also aid in the development of our learners’ abilities to apply that knowledge to their careers and personal lives, driving them towards success. In order to deliver on this and to fulfil our mission, our ethos is based on the following values:

We cannot and will not stop learning. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn and improve. Innovation cannot happen without a culture of constant learning.


Whether on the job or during studies, fairness is an uncompromising principle for us. There is no shame in admitting a mistake or giving acknowledgment to others. It shows strength of character.


We believe in what we do and take responsibility for our actions, whether it involves the sustainability of reputation, relationships, society or the environment.


We believe in being compassionate towards the difficulties faced by colleagues, learners and other stakeholders. We listen to their needs, do our very best to be flexible, and guide them to reach their goals.


By creating a safe and secure environment, we make it easier for all concerned to take calculated risks and try things out. The cost of a risk gone wrong should not outweigh any benefit that could be gained.


We push ourselves to reach higher standards and strive to be excellent at what we do. This goes for the quality of our programmes, our customer service and our operational processes.


We strongly believe in using that wonderful machine that we all have: our brain. This can be through thinking critically, being creative, and through problem solving.


We always strive to deliver on what we promise. We can only achieve that by being fully committed to what we do. Half measures will not cut it.


Our Journey

Malta Business School (MBS), as it is today, evolved from a concept proposed and promoted by the School’s founder and Dean, Lorenzo Mulè Stagno, who started providing adult training programmes to organisations in 2005 under the company name Allied Consultants Ltd. The following year, the company achieved school recognition status by the Education Authorities. In 2007 the firm was awarded representation of the Henley Executive MBA in Malta following a competitive application process, launching its first Henley MBA intake in May of 2008, and thus reviving the good name of Henley in Malta (after a 2-year period of inactivity). Working with Henley Business School UK became, and still is, a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Following the official launch of Malta Business School in 2012, when we moved to bigger premises with classroom facilities in Birkirkara, the School strived to grow its business by expanding its portfolio of accredited qualification courses, while consolidating its corporate training offerings.

In 2018, MBS achieved a major milestone, having passed all quality standards in the first NCFHE (now MFHEA) external quality audit. At this time, MBS was the very first business school, and the first school overall, to have passed all quality standards.

MBS has always been interested in expanding on an international scale, attending various international education fairs, attracting some students from a variety of countries, and thus providing our courses with an international flavour. An agreement with a Georgian education institution in 2018 meant that Malta Business School could offer the Henley Executive MBA to Georgian students.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, MBS was uniquely positioned to transition smoothly to online streaming, providing our students with a “business as usual” environment. This was much appreciated by all, at a time of high uncertainty. Hence, during the pandemic years, the School thrived and continued to grow.

In 2021, the School launched its own Level 6 Bachelor in Business and Management (fully accredited by the MFHEA). More recently, a collaboration agreement was reached with a German college to offer German students the opportunity of supplementing their studies with our BBM programme.

MBS works exclusively with adult learners and delivers courses from MQF Level 5 to MQF Level 7, including a number of Award Certifications. MBS retains the concept of its motto ‘Applying Knowledge for Success’, which is and will always be extremely relevant to adult learners.


The journey continues…

Our Team

Malta Business School (MBS) is made up of a highly diverse team of individuals who all bring different skills and professional experience to the table. By embracing our differences, using them in our favour and working dynamically together, we aim to provide the best quality service for all kinds of adult learners. From our customer service representatives to those working behind the scenes, as members of the MBS team we all have two things in common; a passion for what we do and the drive to do it even better.