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ATHE Level 6 Certificate in Coaching


This Level 6 qualification is designed to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in professional coaching to meet the needs of individual clients and the organisations where they are employed. The programme will provide the opportunity for learners to develop and apply coaching approaches, strategies and techniques that can be used for a wide range of individuals in and across organisations...
Undergraduate Certificate in Business and Management


The Undergraduate Certificate in Business and Management is part of the Bachelor degree in Business and Management and covers specific areas that are needed whatever your preferred industry. Learners who successfully complete a minimum of 30 ECTS, can exit with a Certificate in Business and Management.
  • M1.1 – Introduction to Business and Management (8 ECTS)
  • M1.2 – Organisational...
ATHE Level 6 Certificate in Project Management


The aim of this Certificate in Project Management qualification is to enable participants to understand the process of identifying appropriate and feasible projects. Learners will understand how projects can be planned and monitored in order to achieve business objectives. The project lead role, responsibilities, and interpersonal and communication skills needed to become successful will also be reviewed during the course. This...

Funding Opportunities

Our payment terms are flexible, however, most of our courses are also eligible for various funding schemes, making it easier for you to finance the next step in your career. Scholarships for select individuals are also available.

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International Students

Learning far from home is exciting and, at times, intimidating. At Malta Business School we work hard to make sure you feel at home. We believe that interactions between students from different backgrounds create a positive, dynamic environment for growth.