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Henley Executive MBA

Course Reference: MBA

Duration: 30 months

Type: *Face to Face & Online

*Fee: €20,000

The Henley Flexible Executive MBA, is a triple-accredited, internationally recognised programme (AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB) and specifically designed for busy professionals who often occupy challenging and demanding roles within their organisations. Due to this, the programme delivery is highly accessible, and a learner-centric approach is used. Learners are supported through this intense but highly rewarding learning experience by the team at Henley-Malta.

The Henley Flexible Executive MBA is an intense and rewarding experience, offering new opportunities and challenges. Programme members will be challenged about their business thinking and the practical art, science and craft of management, thus grooming them for senior leadership roles.

The cohorts for each flexible Executive MBA programme are middle to senior managers and executives, with a number of years of supervisory and managerial experience. The corporate experiences of each programme member will be shared through discussions within their learning team, to the benefit and enrichment of all concerned.

The Henley Malta office offers this top-rated Business Masters qualification as a blend of weekend workshops (circa once every 8 weeks) and online learning and support, combining the distance learning model with the modular taught programme. Through its academic tutors, personal tutors, and administrative staff the Henley Malta office will assist you throughout this demanding and exciting learning journey.

Intakes are generally held once a year, with the Leadership & Personal Development workshop delivered in October. Besides Maltese nationals and International professionals living in Malta, programme members for the flexible Executive MBA are expected to hail from the following countries:

  • Europe: Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France, Spain & Portugal,
  • North Africa: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt & Libya,
  • Middle East: Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Syria & United Arab Emirates.

The Henley MBA is an MQF/EQF Level 7 qualification with 180 credits.

What You Study

The Henley MBA is a journey in three Stages. The First Stage relates to the internal management of an organisation, focusing on specific areas of management like people, processes and finance. The Second Stage relates to business choices – a critical aspect in every manager’s life, presenting insights in global environment and strategic direction, strategic marketing and reputation and responsibility touching also on governance aspects. The Third and last Stage of the journey will help transform you into a manager who makes a difference. Here you deal with leadership and change as well as how, as a manager, you build knowledge and apply it in a management role.

In this last Stage you can also chose an elective which in itself carries two options: Option A is an online elective in an area of your choice; Option B is an International Study Visit organised by Henley.

For all the modules you will be required to present your ideas and understanding in the form of a consultation report, answering questions as set out by leading academics working at Henley. Your work will be independently assessed and moderated by international business and academic leaders who form part of Henley’s world class team.

At the end of Stage One you will also be required to sit for an examination that relates to a real life situation in business and how you, as a Henley MBA programme member, can distinguish yourself.

During the final Stage you will equip yourself with research approaches: design, review, data collection, analysis and in-depth writing. Through these skills you will generate relevant and practical solutions or recommendations for either a research-based consultancy project (Integrated Business Project) or an accademic piece of writing (Dissertation).

Duration of Programme

This MBA is an intensely personal experience that fits into your schedule while still giving you the power to change yourself and the business world as you learn. The Flexible Executive programme is 2.5 years long and studied over three Stages. Each Stage is 10 months long.

Delivery of Programme

This international programme is highly participative, which combines personal learning and group work. It emphasises personal development and is delivered in a format that focuses on individual and collaborative learning but uses individual assessments.

The taught element of the Henley Flexible Executive MBA is delivered through a series of workshops. Workshops are delivered over three or two consecutive days, once every two months. Workshops signify the start of a module and are supported by online learning resources relevant to the subject of study. To get the most from the workshops, it is recommended that you read the preparatory work before the actual workshop.
The module material is found through the Henley virtual learning environment (Canvas). Each module is built upon core concepts split over easily accessible folders, including videos, audio clips and reading material. You will also find suggestions for further reading around each topic. Each module is individually assessed though an assignment. At the end of Stage One you will also need to sit for an exam.

Your studies will be supplemented by guided independent reading from ARC (Academic Resource Centre) Online. You will also have opportunities for online chat regarding the modules to broaden understanding supported by subject tutors, and you will be encouraged to keep a reflective journal as part of your personal development. Studying in this way is a rewarding experience and guidance on how to do this effectively is discussed extensively during your Stage One Leadership & Personal Development workshop.

All workshops are delivered in Malta, except for the Leadership & Personal Development workshop in Stage One. This first workshop is delivered at Henley Business School UK.

Attendance at the Leadership & Personal Development Workshop is compulsory and you are advised to block the remaining workshop dates out in your diary at the start of the programme. The study schedule for the duration of your programme will be available to you prior to the start of the Henley MBA programme, and this indicates the level of commitment required to progress successfully. Not only will attendance at the workshops make your learning journey a far more fruitful and enjoyable one (ultimately giving you a better return for your investment) but through the many opportunities for group work it will support you and other individuals in your learning teams, maintaining the mutual support, motivation and commitment to your studies.

A programme member is expected to prepare adequately before coming to workshops using the materials specified in the online learning platform. This prior reading will allow a Henley programme member to discuss the concepts and theories of each subject area in relation to management practice and share views with other programme members. A variety of learning approaches are used to enrich the learning experience.

Henley believes that learning depends on a the relationships between learner, subject tutor and other programme members. Each party has a distinct responsibility as follows:

  • Learners define the depth of their learning needs, relative to their current competence, and select from various opportunities for learning according to their requirements.
  • The subject tutor provides knowledge and expertise that is relevant to the learners’ needs, and designs suitable opportunities for the application and synthesis of knowledge and the development of intellectual and practical/behavioural skills.
  • Fellow programme members actively and respectfully contribute their experience and alternative perspectives both to challenge and enrich understanding of practice, and to give feedback to others on the practical/behavioural skills that are defined in the programme specification.
  • Given that people generally feel more comfortable sharing complex knowledge when they have met face to face, workshops are considered to be a critical part of the blend of learning opportunities, which stimulate and maintain the vitality of interactions online.

Academic Resource Centre

The ARC Online contains a wealth of resources to support your studies, including full-text journal articles, financial and market research databases, ebooks, faculty papers, a guide to study skills and much more. Access to this dedicated Henley Business School resource is complemented by additional access to the vast learning resources at the University of Reading. The module materials provide the core information required to pass all the assessment criteria. However, to gain full value from the programme, you will be encouraged to read around topics from different perspectives and delve into business and academic papers.

Our programme is designed for ambitious, self-motivated business professionals with significant management experience, who are ready to achieve their personal and professional goals.

The Henley MBA demands interaction and peer group learning from its programme members. For this reason, unlike many other business schools, our programme members are experienced and practising executives. Sharing your experience with fellow programme members enriches your learning experience.


For entry to this degree programme it is expected that you have:

  • Either a minimum of three years relevant experience PLUS a good first degree or equivalent professional qualification
  • Or a minimum of five years of relevant experience
  • Evidence of competence in English if it is not your first language

Our selection process is specially designed to identify talent and leadership potential and ensures that we bring together the best combination of experienced people. This is reflected in our application requirements. Non standard applications are welcome and will be reviewed for suitability.

Stage 1: Managing in the Organisation

Leadership & Personal Development
This module is a springboard into your successful and rewarding MBA journey. It comprises of two parallel streams that lay the foundations of your academic and personal development throughout the programme. A number of key study skills techniques will be introduced which will be important for your successful completion of the programme. It will introduce you to a number of themes around leadership and leadership skills that you will continue to develop throughout the whole MBA. It will also include an introduction to the Personal Development process, the second element of this module, which will continue throughout the MBA. The Personal Development process seeks to support and challenge you in all aspects of your growth whilst studying and is a catalyst for reflection on learning from all other modules and aspects of the MBA. The module aims to enable each student to: take control of their future direction, to pursue life and career goals, obtain maximum benefit for you and your organisations, reflect upon your own learning, performance and achievement and plan for personal, educational and career development.

Managing Processes and Systems
This module focuses on the key principles that underpin the delivery of goods and services by organisations. It takes a systems and processes approach, integrating elements of operations management, information systems management and project management. Whilst processes are viewed as key enablers of business strategy, the module emphasises the need to understand such processes in a systemic way. Key topics cover the design, implementation and on-going operation of
goods and service delivery in a variety of organisational contexts. By the end of this module you will be expected to critically evaluate the applicability of the module concepts to specific organisational contexts.

Managing Financial Resources
This module covers the topics of financial accounting, management accounting, finance and microeconomics. It is designed for you to recognise that every aspect of your business has an impact on the bottom line. Organisations that do not effectively plan, control and monitor their finances are unlikely to achieve their operational targets and strategic business objectives. By the end of this module you will be in a position to analyse critically the relevance and appropriateness of financial techniques and economic issues within your organisation.

Managing People
In this module you will develop an appreciation that people management is a key line manager activity and develop an awareness of the issues and practices that support and hinder the management and development of people and performance in organisations. You will consider the impact of context on
managing people and performance, particularly in national, international and multinational contexts; public and private sectors; large, medium and small enterprises. By the end of this module you will be expected to demonstrate the ability to identify issues and dilemmas in your own workplace based on your understanding of the people and performance management, philosophies and approaches.

Stage 2: Making choices: Context & Stakeholders

This module will enable students to understand and apply the fundamental principles of the strategic thinking process and also to gain insight into the variety of issues and challenges faced by managers of firms. By the end of the module you will be able to demonstrate a high level of ability and skill in strategic thinking,
strategic analysis, synthesis and decision-making. You will be able to analyse and understand an organisation and its external competitive environment, assess an organisation’s internal value-creating activities and processes, and identify and evaluate appropriate strategic options for an organisation, assessing impact on competitive position and future performance.

International Business
This module will provide insights into the variety of issues and challenges faced by managers of international firms in the global business environment. The aim is for programme members to develop an ability to understand the complexity of international markets and the capacity to successfully manage issues related to international business and strategy. A number of key frameworks will be introduced and applied in developing strategies for international expansion as well as strategies for managing complex operations across national, regional and global markets. The module also sheds light on the most recent developments in international business.

Strategic Marketing
The Strategic Marketing module is designed to raise your awareness of marketing as both a strategic and tactical function, develop your understanding of strategic marketing and the relevance of key marketing concepts and the importance of ethically and socially responsible marketing strategies. This module will enable you to critically analyse theoretical explanations of marketing situations and assess their relevance, identify factors that drive and influence the development of market structures and the comparative differences across various business contexts and recognise the nature of relationships and partnerships that are vital to the creation of customer value.

Reputation & Responsibility
The Reputation and Responsibility module will develop your knowledge and understanding of strategic reputation and responsibility management. You will engage in debate and discussion around issues of corporate responsibility, sustainability and governance and learn about key concepts of how relationships are built and stakeholders managed. Students will be exposed to a range of tools for the analysis of perceptions related to reputation.

Stage 3: Making an Impact

Leadership & Change
The module is designed to introduce students to key concepts, theories and models of leadership, change, culture and values, capabilities and approaches that bind these together. This module will prepare you to become a business leader so that you can make appropriate and effective use of different approaches in leadership and change. You will identify your development goals as change leaders and practice the core skills of leading change.

There is a choice between Elective Options or an International Study Visit.
Some elective choices are: Creative and Cultural Industries; Corporate Finance and Governance; Sustainability: Critical issues in global development; Social Enterprise; Managing the Brand; Digital Marketing ; Designing organisations; Social Enterprise; Strategic Information Management. Please note that topics are
subject to change.

Management Research Challenge
The Management Challenge is a major research-based project investigating a significant management or business problem/issue which leads to actionable recommendations. It requires you to develop and build on key elements of your learning throughout the Masters programme and apply it within a practical context. In developing the Management Challenge, you are required to undertake a critical and in-depth review of current thinking in your chosen topic area which
forms the basis for an empirical investigation leading to conclusions and recommendations grounded in appropriate evidence. In order to do this effectively, you are expected to develop and apply a research design and techniques that are appropriate to the problem or issue. The aims of the Management Challenge are to build upon the knowledge you have gained during the Masters programme and the application of that knowledge to a specific management problem or issue, formulate logical, appropriate and actionable recommendations as a result of the investigation and communicate the findings in writing in a convincing and articulate manner.

Accreditation Status Approved foreign higher education programme (UK)
Level of Qualification Equivalent to MQF / EQF Level 7
Mode of Delivery Face to Face
Hours of Learning Contact hours – 26 days / Self-study hours – 1,800 hours
Credits 180 credits
Study mode Part-time programme
Language of instruction English
Programme Delivered Malta Business School, Level 3, Sean Building, Psaila Street Birkirara BKR1908, Malta
Mode of assessment Assignments for every module and an exam sitting at the end of Stage One.
Teaching and Learning Approach At Henley-Malta our teaching and learning approach is based on adult learning principles and is unreservedly participant centred and experiential in nature.  Participants are expected to contribute in group work and discussions and actively participate during sessions.
Grading System as approved by MFHEA Fail, Pass, Merit and Distinction
Pass Rate 97%
Date of Next Intake October 2023
Registration Send us your CV for review and without obligation so that we can check your eligibility for this programme.
Visa Requirements No eligible
Progression Pathways Successful students who achieve the Henley MBA might be eligible for a Level 8 (Doctorate Degree) programme. Talk to us so that we will guide you accordingly.


Terms & Conditions apply, talk to us for further detail on this programme.

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“I was lucky enough to be part of a fantastic learning team, with whom I developed an unbreakable bond. I was also fortunate enough to be in a cohort of genuinely gifted people, each and every one with a different story but with a common end goal, that of achieving this MBA.”
Hannah Flynn
“Every module’s completion provided a boost in self-confidence, as we were exposed to different academic and practical tools and perspectives from peers in diverse industries.”
Chris Fenech
“Norman is very welcoming. He immediately made me feel that I can express myself and not keep everything to myself, and he is very informative. Even in his portfolio there are big companies involved and his experience in this sector of work is very vast”
Joseph Saliba
“This workshop is helping me a lot in my career. I work as a project manager. I coordinate and am also a site manager. As a workshop, it is helping me mostly by learning how to grow my abilities in project management, how to prioritise, and follow the needs of the client so that after the project starts, it would finish on time, as it was intended. “
Wayne Camilleri Psaila
“As an experience so far, we are very satisfied, we are having fun as the workshop is very interactive. How the knowledge is provided by Annette is very good. I’m quite satisfied.”
James Attard
“The experience with the tutor was perfect, there were answers for every question, so we are very happy when it comes to our tutor.”
Simona Gelevska