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ATHE Level 6 Certificate in Project Management

ATHE L6 certificate in project management
ATHE Level 6 Certificate in Project Management

Course Reference: CPM

Duration: 3 months

Type: *Live-Streamed

*Fee: €1,695.00

Starting in February 2024

This qualification aims to enable participants to improve their skills for managing projects through the different stages of a project’s life-cycle. Starting from identifying appropriate and feasible projects to planning and monitoring projects in order to achieve business objectives.

This qualification is assessed through an assignment which supports the development of a range of skills needed by individuals working in project management.

Watch our course video here.

The aim of this Certificate in Project Management qualification is to enable participants to understand the process of identifying appropriate and feasible projects. Learners will go through the process of planning and monitoring projects in order to achieve the business objectives.

This qualification supports the development of a range of skills applicable to learners who work, or want to work, in a project management environment.

Our tutors have excellent experience within their field of expertise as well as the necessary academic background. You will receive a high quality delivery in a participative environment. You will be engaged in discussions, activities, case studies, presentations and group work creating a bond between you and other students that forges friendships and a new network of professionals.

There are no exams on this programme. The method of assessment to attain this qualification is based on writing one assignment which is based on a practical project that you are, or will be, working on. The assignment brief is available to you from very early on in your studies. In this way, you can organise and plan your study time accordingly week by week. You will be guided through the assignment requirements, and you will also receive formative feedback prior to submitting your assignment.

This course is ideal for professionals who want to acquire knowledge and develop a range of skills, personal qualities, and attitudes essential for successful project management, whether they are involved in large-scale or small projects.


  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • B2 level of English achieved in the last 5 years (English Language O-level grade 5+ or IELTS 5.5+ or successfully pass MBS proficiency test)
  • Prospects should have a specific project in mind to apply in their assignment

and either:

  • 2 years full-time relevant work experience with a level of responsibility working within projects in different areas and industries (example: project manager, project co-ordinator, operations manager, business owner etc.)


  • MQF / EQF Level 5 qualification in a related area


  • Other equivalent international qualification

The learner will:

  • Be able to analyse business objectives to identify potential projects, their feasibility and the methodology which may be used
  • Be able to design systems and plans for initiating and managing projects
  • Understand how to control the progress of projects
  • Understand how to close and review the success of a project
Accreditation Status Approved foreign higher education programme (UK)
Level of Qualification Equivalent to MQF / EQF Level 6
Mode of Delivery Live-streamed (online)
Hours of Learning Contact hours: 60 / Self-study hours: 50 / Assessment hours: 40 / Hours of total Learning: 150
Credits 15 UK credits
Study mode Part-time programme
Programme Duration 3 months
Language of instruction English
Programme Delivered Malta Business School, Level 3, Sean Building, Psaila Street Birkirara BKR1908, Malta
Mode of assessment Assignment based
Teaching and Learning Approach At MBS our teaching and learning approach is based on adult learning principles and is unreservedly participant centred and experiential in nature.  Participants are expected to contribute in group work and discussions and actively participate during sessions.
Grading System as approved by MFHEA Fail, Pass, Merit and Distinction
Pass Rate 92%
Date of Next Intake 5th September 2023
Registration Send us your CV for review and without obligation so that we can check your eligibility for this programme.
Visa Requirements Third Country Nationals are advised to read VISA requirements from here
Career Progression Successful students who achieve the Certificate in Project Management might be eligible for a Level 7 (Masters) programme. Talk to us so that we will guide you accordingly.


Terms & Conditions apply, talk to us for further detail on this programme.

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“I was lucky enough to be part of a fantastic learning team, with whom I developed an unbreakable bond. I was also fortunate enough to be in a cohort of genuinely gifted people, each and every one with a different story but with a common end goal, that of achieving this MBA.”
Hannah Flynn
“Every module’s completion provided a boost in self-confidence, as we were exposed to different academic and practical tools and perspectives from peers in diverse industries.”
Chris Fenech
“Norman is very welcoming. He immediately made me feel that I can express myself and not keep everything to myself, and he is very informative. Even in his portfolio there are big companies involved and his experience in this sector of work is very vast”
Joseph Saliba
“I am also following the Certificate in Project Management course, the one of the three months. I used this workshop as a starter to the course that would help me, and it pushed me to take a step forward for myself and my career.”
Wayne Camilleri Psaila
“As an experience so far, we are very satisfied, we are having fun as it is very interactive. How the knowledge is provided by Annette is very good. I’m quite satisfied.”
James Attard
“The experience was amazing. Definitely. I definitely will look into her and am hoping that she could be my mentor.”
Simona Gelevska