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Helping adults achieve their personal and professional development goals to create value for themselves, their organisations and their communities.

Funding Opportunities

Our payment terms are flexible, however, most of our courses are also eligible for various funding schemes, making it easier for you to finance the next step in your career. Scholarships for select individuals are also available.

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Bridge the gap between learning and in-class learning by benefitting from the use of our very own learning management system: Journey.

International Students

Learning far from home is exciting and, at times, intimidating. At Malta Business School we work hard to make sure you feel at home. We believe that interactions between students from different backgrounds create a positive, dynamic environment for growth.

“For all those out there who are willing to further their knowledge, whatever their age, and even though one might have left school years ago; with Malta Business School “you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” (C.S. Lewis).”
Dorian Zahra
“I thank Malta Business School for offering this course and for making it such a wonderful journey. I am loving every moment of it”
Yana Vella
“The Henley MBA was an enlightening experience which sharpened my leadership skills throughout all the modules”
Christopher Gauci
“I truly recommend Malta Business School to anyone who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of business and to advance in their career”
Amanda Darmanin
“The modules have geared me up with the tools required to think strategically, look out for business opportunities, and to handle operational challenges”
Sandra Borg
“The entire program is very well structured and designed, adding tremendous value to my long-term career aspirations”
Rebecca Aquilina

Latest News


Empowerment Through Knowledge
No.34: Mind Maps

Have you ever struggled to put down ideas about a topic on paper in an organised way? Have you ever had a hard time getting them classified in a coherent and orderly fashion that makes sense to you and...

Empowerment Through Knowledge
No.33: Effective Surveys (Part 2)

When designing survey questions, selecting answer types and creating answer choices, there are a number of things that need to be considered in order to attain high quality data. The way you ask your questions and how you let...

Empowerment Through Knowledge
No.32: Effective Surveys (Part 1)

Surveys may be one of the most commonly used, but also most misunderstood, tools in the world of business. How often have you found yourself answering questions and soon wondering why a company would need to know such ‘irrelevant’...

Empowerment Through Knowledge
No.31: Lewin’s Force Field Analysis

Kurt Lewin’s force field analysis (FFA) is an excellent model to analyse a situation that requires change. It investigates the balance of power in a given change management situation, identifying the key stakeholders in the situation and how to...