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The Diploma in Management at Malta Business School was easily applicable to a multitude of sectors

The Diploma in Management at Malta Business School was easily applicable to a multitude of sectors

Renald Bonello, currently working as a Process Leader at De La Rue, shares his experience regarding the Diploma in Management at Malta Business School.

I consider myself as an ambitious person. I always wanted to improve my career as I thought that I would make a good leader. I started as an operator within different environments but I always wanted to manage people, to train people and to be their point of reference.

To continue to build on my work experience, I wanted to move away from the Pharmaceutical Industry. Career progression was limited as opportunities were lacking, so I had to change jobs and finally, I am happy that I am occupying my present role. Having the MBS qualification was a boost and the modules covered made the Diploma more eye-catching.

Having worked in a number of industries, the Diploma in Management was easily applicable to a multitude of sectors. It was very important to have several experiences and to work with different people. It gives you more ideas on what to write and understand more the learning outcomes. In fact, I think it is a must to have a lot of work experience.

Once I completed my Diploma, I wanted to get a management role. When I eventually got the role, I felt that it was a good achievement. Now that I am working within this company I can see that more opportunities will arise. Thus, the Extended Diploma in Management is complementary to my previous Diploma. Moreover, having a broader knowledge of management as well as having a higher certificate is an asset.

In almost a year, with a commitment to attend the lectures along with finding time to write assignments can make a difference for the future, for the desired role and also for personal confidence. No one can take from us what we achieve in life. A diploma can make a difference at the right time and in the right workplace.

Following the Extended Diploma, I will focus a bit on some personal things which I need to conclude and then look into the possibilities of enrolling in an MBA programme, God willing, I might continue to study.

I would like to thank all of the staff at Malta Business School at all levels in the school as they have been very helpful.

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