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Malta Business School Dean Keynote Speaker in Edinburgh


Malta Business School Dean Keynote Speaker in Edinburgh

Businet’s Student Conference this year was organised in Scotland’s beautiful capital of Edinburgh. The theme of the conference was “Thinking Employability”, with the conference days covering the topics of Employability Skills, Reflective Thinking, Experiential Learning, and Emotional Intelligence. This year’s conference attracted over 100 higher education students from Universities and colleges in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Germany and other European countries, making it a very international event, as Businet conferences usually tend to be.

Lorenzo was invited by Businet to deliver the final keynote speech by sharing some of his knowledge and experience in the realm of Personal Development. His one-hour talk weaved through various personal development topics that are relevant to the students, using inspirational life stories, student interaction and a good dose of humour. Taking the students through Erik Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development, he asked them to place themselves at the stage they think they are, and how much of the previous stages have been resolved. He then focused on the important theme of Emotional Intelligence in the Personal Development context, ending with a final thought-provoking message, whereby most of our limitations are of our own doing. A message that remains a powerful reminder for everyone.

The talk was well received as evidenced by the applause and the number of students who approached Lorenzo afterwards to ask questions and discuss further.

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