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Malta Business School collaborates with Henley Finland


Malta Business School collaborates with Henley Finland

Malta Business School, as the Malta partners of Henley Business School at the University of Reading, recently visited Henley Finland to discuss upcoming partnerships for 2019. Lorenzo Mulè Stagno and Christine Caruana were welcomed very warmly by the Henley Finland team in their trendy Helsinki offices. The Maltese representatives also had the opportunity to meet again the latest Henley MBA intake, since they happened to be attending a half-day workshop.

During the visit, Christine asserted her belief that “In order for our cohorts to experience the Henley way of teaching, international collaboration is essential. Global networking gives individuals a chance to keep up-to-date with the latest thinking, news and opportunities as well as to help with career progression.”

As a result, Henley Malta and Henley Finland will continue to collaborate in order to continue to enhance their respective leading positions in executive business programmes, with the aim to bring together the best business brains towards Henley Business School to generate challenging thinking and constructive debate between managers and leaders from several organisations and industries.

Lorenzo noted that “The collaboration between the northernmost and southernmost Euro countries is a particularly interesting one since, in spite of the geographical and cultural distances, the two countries have a number of commonalities and somehow, the students from the two countries seem to work very well together. The recent addition of Georgian students to the Maltese cohort also continues to add spice to the mix.”

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