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Induction Session for MBS Diploma students

Induction Session for MBS Diploma students

This October Malta Business School offered a warm welcome to the ninth intake of students who will be undergoing the Diploma in Management and the Extended Diploma in Management programmes.

Following previous successes, yet again this year, we are proud to announce that we have one of the largest number of students on our new intake. The new learners are all adults, from various industries and with different roles, all eager to learn and share insights from their organisations.

The Dean, Mr. Lorenzo Mulè Stagno, warmly welcomed the new intake and introductory talks were delivered by Ms. Christine Caruana and Ms. Chaienne Wellman whereby they provided significant information with the aim to equip the new students with the necessary guidelines required to have the best possible start to their studies with MBS.

During this session, students were updated about the variety of related support services offered by MBS so that students can progress smoothly through their learning journey. They also received practical tips on how to balance their new commitments with the demands of personal and job-related responsibilities.

The highlight of the induction session were ice-breaker activities for the new learners aimed at getting to know their fellow classmates. This was a fun and exciting way to gear up our students for a stimulating academic year ahead!

On behalf of MBS staff we wish all our students every success in their studies.

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