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Henley FT Rankings


Henley FT Rankings

We’re excited to share with you Henley Business School’s recent impressive Executive Education rankings released by the Financial Times. These rankings provide a brief glimpse into Henley’s overall performance across a number of areas.

These rankings indicate Henley’s strength as a world-class business school and are attributed to the hard work and dedication of the faculty and professional teams working at and with the school all over the world. People, who are passionate about making Henley Business School the destination for executive leadership, business and professional development.

Here are a few key statistics from the full rankings report:
• Henley rose five places in the global combined rankings, placing us in the world top 20
• We’re now no.2 for open programmes, course design and participants’ aims achieved
• Henley is ranked no.1 for international clients in the UK, and no.4 globally

Henley Financial Times ImageAfter a two year gap since the last rankings were published due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this is the 23rd edition of the rankings of the world’s leading providers of customised and open-enrolment executive education programmes published by the FT. Participants’ scores account for 80% of the weightings so our programme members’ opinions are decisively influential and are reflected in these rankings.

Click here to read the news story on the Henley website.

Read the full article as published by the Financial Times from here.

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