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Henley 2018 Graduation


Henley 2018 Graduation

After another knowledge-enriching and intensive learning journey, another group of Henley Malta students celebrated their graduation in Masters of Business Administration from Henley Business School at the University of Reading (UK).

On Friday 21st September, almost all the graduating programme members accompanied by Mr. Lorenzo Mule` Stagno, Malta Associate and Programme Director, and Ms. Christine Caruana, Programme Manager, on behalf of Henley Malta, attended the Degree Confirmation at Henley Business School on the Greenlands campus at Henley-on-Thames.

Each graduate was called individually by name to the stage to receive the coveted certificate. Friends and family accompanied the graduates on this day of celebration to commemorate together their great achievement. After the ceremony, a light finger buffet was served to both graduands and guests, who enjoyed the sunny weather in the cultivated grounds of Greenlands and gently flowing Thames river.

Friends and relatives, who could not attend the ceremony, had the availability to log onto the live steaming of the ceremony from the Henley Business School at the University of Reading website.

The Henley MBA Malta Graduates for 2018 are: Nicholas Attard, Johann Renald Barbara (prize winner), Svetlana Birca, Justin John Camilleri, Noel Camilleri, Rachel Falzon, Dana Farrugia, Ahmed Ghattour, Wayne Hewitt, Irena Kovaljukova, Kajta Laaksonen, Pauline Micallef, Joseph Micallef, Caroline Sammut, Steven Sammut, Daniel Saragozza, Andrea Vrazhalska, Glorianne Woods and Lisa Vassallo.

Henley graduates are part of an elite group of alumni spread across the globe who are doing outstanding achievements for themselves, their organisations and society.

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