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Effectively managing my team through the Diploma in Management


Effectively managing my team through the Diploma in Management

Prior to starting this course, I dropped out of university without any credentials and though I had been working for a number of years, I had no certificates to show. Despite this, the need to become qualified and to learn new skills motivated me to pursue a management programme. I chose Malta Business School because of its flexibility and their Level 5 Diploma in Management course is ideally suited for any working adult. When I started the Diploma, I was a senior within my team, however, when my team leader left I was promoted to a team leader as the company knew that I was following this programme.

Upon completion of the Diploma, I chose to further my studies by continuing on to the Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management. The programme had similar elements to the Diploma, which helped me familiarise myself with the course structure at a faster pace. Moreover, flexibility in this course remains the main attraction for any working student. Additionally, I wanted to gain further knowledge to be able to help my team more efficiently. Supporting this, the subjects tackled during the course were valuable since I could easily apply what I learnt to my workplace.

During my journey, I had the opportunity to meet new people who were going through similar experiences as me or who have already gone through it. Having discussions with these peers helped me to supplement my capabilities. On top of that, I had a rough start managing a team that I was already part of, and with the help of this course, I felt an improvement in my managerial skills. By being exposed to certain subjects and discussions, I was also able to lead my team in a better way as well as win their respect along the way.

The staff at Malta Business School was always very supportive throughout this experience. They know that you need to arrive at a destination, which is to enhance your expertise in the workplace as well as on a personal level. Despite this, the staff was also very sensitive to any obstacles that I encountered in my personal life. In addition to this, I would also like to thank all the tutors who were always there for us when needed.

Following this experience, I am now interested to read for a Masters course, however, it is still a decision that I have not reached as of yet. My belief is that pursuing a master’s degree will be another positive journey as the Diploma in Management has proven itself to be. Hence, it is not simply a way to add to the certificates, but a way to enhance both my personal and professional life.

My advice to prospective students is to always take a chance and once you do, remember that we are all human and mistakes will happen along the way. Mistakes are simply a part of the learning curve.

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