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Professional English

Professional English Skills
Professional English

Course Reference: SC-PE

Duration: 8 hours

Type: *Face to Face

*Fee: €230.00

This practical, hands-on course, will help you become more confident when speaking in English in a range of workplace contexts and to communicate effectively in writing for different purposes and audiences. Using real-life work place scenarios and examples, you will practise writing and speaking skills focussing on key English language competencies that are needed to communicate with confidence and clarity in today’s workplace. You will explore effective language strategies and language tool kits that can be immediately used in the work place. Furthermore, throughout the course, you will receive immediate and written feedback on your progress and how to further advance your language skills beyond the training session.

Professionals who work in sales, marketing, administration, or customer service will find this course useful. It enables professionals to improve their written English skills through professional correspondence which is clear and effective, while also improving accuracy during conversations in the English language. You can be 100% sure that your expert trainer will give you individual attention and work with you to develop your professional English skills.

This course is for you if you want to become more competitive and improve your professional communication in English whether this is through speaking or written interactions.

No Special Requirement

  • Effective emails
  • The importance of style and tone
  • Precise business summaries
  • Common mistakes to avoid in writing
  • Impactful presentations
  • Social media for professional purposes
  • Business conversations and discussions
  • Speaking with tact
  • Choosing vocabulary for precision
  • Strategies that confident speakers use

Course Format

An 8-hour course that will include practical examples and discussions.



A digital certificate of Attendance will be given at the end of the course.

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I definitely recommend this learning and growing experience to anyone who wants to take the next step in their career and, or, grow as a person.
Andre Vassallo
Andre Vassallo
The Henley MBA has aided my development within the management spectrum.
Jean Carl Grech
Jean Carl Grech
“Besides having the support of an amazing cohort, the Malta Business School was with us every step of the way to ensure we do not fall behind, and to succeed in our learning journey.”
Hubert Debono
Hubert Debono
“I would recommend to prospective students not to leave it as long as I had to embark on a journey like this. Jump right in!”
Matthew J. Mercieca
All staff members at MBS are very helpful with a common point in mind; to help you achieve a better future!
Martin Attard
Martin Attard
I will recommend MBS to all students who have several years of work experience, but would like to obtain a qualification
Philip Gatt
Philip Gatt