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Finance for the Non-financial Professional
Finance for the Non-Financial Professional

Course Reference: W-FNFP

Duration: 8 hours


*Fee: €300

18th July 2024 09:00-17:00

Understanding financial principles is essential for making informed decisions and contributing to the overall financial health of any organization. This workshop has been developed for professionals without a financial background, and who wish to gain a solid understanding of finance.

Participants will learn key financial concepts and terms, enabling them to read and interpret financial statements, manage budgets, and make data-driven decisions. Through practical exercises and real-world examples, learners will develop the confidence to engage in financial discussions and contribute to their organization’s financial planning and analysis.

This workshop is spilt into 3 parts, all delivered on the same day. These are broken down below:

Session 1: Introduction to Financial Terminology

  • Learn the language of finance, including essential terms and concepts.
  • Understanding financial statements: gain insights into balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.
  • Budgeting basics: learn how to create, manage, and track budgets effectively.

Session 2: Financial Analysis and Ratios:

  • Learn how to analyse financial health using key ratios and metrics.
  • Cost management: techniques for controlling costs and improving profitability.
  • Investment basics: introduction to investment principles and evaluating investment opportunities.

Session 3: Financial Risk Management

  • Identify financial risks and learn strategies to mitigate them.
  • Linking financial goals with organizational strategy: align financial planning with business objectives
  • Applying concepts and problem solving through case studies


A Certificate of Attendance will be provided after completion of the workshop.

This course is ideal for all non-finance managers, middle managers and executives who need to improve their financial and accounting skills to take decisions and to keep themselves informed.

No Special Requirement

Refer to the Course Information tab for key content that will be covered during this workshop.


Course Format

An 8-hour workshop that will include a presentation together with practical examples, exercises and discussions

  • Two coffee breaks and a lunch break included
  • Food and refreshments provided by Malta Business School
  • At our premises in Psaila Street, Birkirkara

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