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Finance for the Non-financial Professional
Finance for the Non-Financial Professional

Course Reference: SC-FNFP

Duration: 8 hours

Type: *Face to Face

*Fee: €300

20th June 2024
This course covers the basic principles of accounting and costing, while setting the scene for the understanding of financial statements and investment, while identifying related problems. As a result, participants will be better equipped for decision making.

Learn key financial principles that you can apply at work. These will help you take decisions related to cost reduction, budgeting effectively, forecasting and planning for risks. They will also aid you in evaluating proposed projects from a financial perspective and in gathering an understanding of the importance of ratio analysis.

This course is ideal for all non-finance managers, middle managers and executives who need to improve their financial and accounting skills to take decisions and to keep themselves informed.

No Special Requirement

  • An overview of financial principles
  • The balance sheet
  • Interpretation of accounts
  • Financial ratios
  • A good return
  • Cost to volume
  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Types of budgets
  • Financial jargon
  • Director’s responsibility in respect to the financial statements
  • Audits and auditors Investment decisions


Course Format

An 8-hour course that will include a practical examples and discussions.



A digital certificate of Attendance will be given at the end of the course.

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“I was lucky enough to be part of a fantastic learning team, with whom I developed an unbreakable bond. I was also fortunate enough to be in a cohort of genuinely gifted people, each and every one with a different story but with a common end goal, that of achieving this MBA.”
Hannah Flynn
“Every module’s completion provided a boost in self-confidence, as we were exposed to different academic and practical tools and perspectives from peers in diverse industries.”
Chris Fenech
“Norman is very welcoming. He immediately made me feel that I can express myself and not keep everything to myself, and he is very informative. Even in his portfolio there are big companies involved and his experience in this sector of work is very vast”
Joseph Saliba
“This workshop is helping me a lot in my career. I work as a project manager. I coordinate and am also a site manager. As a workshop, it is helping me mostly by learning how to grow my abilities in project management, how to prioritise, and follow the needs of the client so that after the project starts, it would finish on time, as it was intended. “
Wayne Camilleri Psaila
“As an experience so far, we are very satisfied, we are having fun as the workshop is very interactive. How the knowledge is provided by Annette is very good. I’m quite satisfied.”
James Attard
“The experience with the tutor was perfect, there were answers for every question, so we are very happy when it comes to our tutor.”
Simona Gelevska