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Award in Personal Development 2 – Leading self with confidence

Award in Personal Development 2 – Leading self with confidence

Course Reference: M2.5 PD2

Duration: 6 to 8 weeks

Type: *Face to Face

*Fee: €500.00

Focus: Business and Management

This module will enable learners to reflect critically on development needs and strategies in helping them to take ownership of their personal and professional development. Interpersonal and transferable skills, fundamental for learners’ career development and future progression, will be reviewed.
By the completion of this module, learners will be able to implement and continually review their own personal and professional development plan based on on-going identification of needs and feedback from others.

Personal Development runs throughout the three years of this degree programme. In year One, learners are equipped with the tools to juggle work, life and study time while promoting and strengthening their lifelong learning. In year Two, learners develop their potential and capabilities through interpersonal skills for both personal and professional development. In year Three learners concentrate their personal development on leadership skills with a focus on ethical leadership.

Our tutors have excellent experience within their field of expertise as well as the necessary academic background. You will receive a high-quality delivery in a participative environment. You will be engaged in discussions, activities, case studies, presentations and group work creating a bond between you and other students that forges friendships and a new network of professionals.

There are no exams on this programme. The method of assessment to attain this award is based on different methods such as preparing a portfolio of work, building a reflective journal, writing an assignment, and others. The assignment brief is available to you in good time so that you can organise and plan your study time accordingly week by week. You will be guided through the assessment requirements, and you will also receive ongoing feedback throughout the course of studies.

Delivery of sessions are held in the evenings (typically starting at 17:30 hours) on different weekdays and according to the timetable of the modules. There is also the possibility of a few Saturday morning sessions.

Opportunities for further studies
Upon successful completion of this Award, you can:

  • Take up the opportunity to follow other Awards in different areas of business and management, or
  • Follow the Certificate in Business and Management (30 ECTS), and
  • This Certificate programme will also lead you to further studies.

This award is designed for:

  • Adult learners who want to have an immersive learning experience in this area.
  • Working professionals, who have been working for a number of years, and who would like to acquire competencies, knowledge and skills in this area of business and management.
  • Prospective learners, who already have a Level 4 and/or a Level 5 qualification, and who would like to challenge themselves within this area of business and management, to further develop their expertise.

The entry requirement is:

  • Successfully completed the Award in Personal Development 1 – Self Managed Learning


  • Create a personal matrix for own interpersonal and transferable skills
  • Monitor, assess, and evaluate own personal and professional development
  • Determine own key values and ethics and how your behavior reflects these in the workplace
  • Set criteria for measuring achievement (formal and informal) of development activities


  • A range of time-management strategies
  • Different types of activities that provide opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • The key constructs of ethical leadership and how these translate into workplace practices


Applying knowledge and understanding

  • Appraise interpersonal skills needed in a work environment
  • Critically evaluate the ethics of a range of leadership actions and activities
  • Assess own leadership skills in the workplace and generate own personal development plan
  • Employ reflection as a learning process for continuous learning

Judgement skills and critical abilities

  • Assess own and peer communication skills
  • Evaluate own learning from the personal and professional development plan

Module specific communication skills

  • Articulate own values and translate these into own behaviours and actions in the workplace

Module specific learner skills

  • Update own personal and professional development plan based on evaluation
Accreditation Status Approved Local Higher Education Programme
Level of Qualification MQF / EQF Level 5
Accreditation Available
Mode of Delivery Traditional / Face-to-Face Learning
Hours of Learning Contact Hours: 20 / Self-Study Hours: 60 / Assessment Hours: 20 / Total Hours: 100
Credits 4 ECTS
Study mode Work based programme delivered in the evenings and some Saturdays.
Language of instruction English
Programme Delivered Malta Business School, Level 3, Sean Building, Psaila Street Birkirara BKR1908, Malta
Mode of assessment Assessed pieces of work (no exam)
Teaching and Learning Approach At MBS our teaching and learning approach is based on adult learning principles and is unreservedly participant centred and experiential in nature.  Participants are expected to contribute in group work and discussions and actively participate during sessions.
Grading System as approved by MFHEA Fail, Pass, Merit and Distinction
Pass Rate NA
Date of Next Intake To be announced
Registration Send us your CV for review and without obligation so that we can check your eligibility for this programme.
Visa Requirements Third Country Nationals are advised to read VISA requirements from here
Progression Pathways Successful learners who achieve this Award might want to join the Certificate in Business and Management programme, the Diploma in Business and Management programme, the Higher Diploma in Business and Management programme, and the Bachelor in Business and Management programme. Talk to us so that we will guide you accordingly.

Terms & Conditions apply, talk to us for further detail on this programme.

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I definitely recommend this learning and growing experience to anyone who wants to take the next step in their career and, or, grow as a person.
Andre Vassallo
Andre Vassallo
The Henley MBA has aided my development within the management spectrum.
Jean Carl Grech
Jean Carl Grech
“Besides having the support of an amazing cohort, the Malta Business School was with us every step of the way to ensure we do not fall behind, and to succeed in our learning journey.”
Hubert Debono
Hubert Debono
“I would recommend to prospective students not to leave it as long as I had to embark on a journey like this. Jump right in!”
Matthew J. Mercieca
All staff members at MBS are very helpful with a common point in mind; to help you achieve a better future!
Martin Attard
Martin Attard
I will recommend MBS to all students who have several years of work experience, but would like to obtain a qualification
Philip Gatt
Philip Gatt