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wellness champion


Miles is our Wellness Champion and is responsible for assisting all team members in keeping up the general wellness and wellbeing within our office premises. When he is not snoring under our Sales & Marketing Manager’s desk, he does his rounds, ensuring that stressful situations and conflicts are resolved peacefully. He does this by encouraging positive communication between team members and also uses his sense of humour to provide those team members who need a boost of energy, with their daily dose of laughter.

Papers that end up on the ground instead of the recycling bins are quickly picked up by Miles, and shredded where possible. He believes that confidentiality and tidiness are key in order to keep up a pleasant environment for the rest of the team.

When he is not at the office, Miles enjoys sprinting circles and stealing items he finds on the ground…activities he sometimes chooses to perform at work too, when he identifies that the team has been sitting down for too long.


Managing Director / Dean





Claudia Mulè Stagno

Sales & Marketing Manager

Joseph Mercieca

Office Manager

Joseph is our Office Manager. He joined our sister company back in 1999 and started working on the Malta Business School team as soon as the company was established.

Joseph studied Accounts by correspondence and attended various courses about Strategic Business Planning, Human Resources Management, Operations Management and Business Entrepreneurship held at Malta Enterprise. He has plenty of years of experience in administration and was involved in the smooth running of various research and advertising projects funded by both local and by EU funds. Joseph has a passion for design and IT.



Ingeborg is a qualified home economist from Lette-Verein Institute in Berlin, and has been managing the finances of the school from the start. Besides being the Finance Manager, she is also co-owner of the business.

Ingeborg is passionate about cycling and nature, especially forests and lakes.

Maria Galea

Programmes Coordinator

Maria is a Programmes Coordinator who is dedicated to providing our prospective and current learners with an excellent experience throughout their whole learning journey, from enquiry to graduation. If you enquire about one of our programmes and book a meeting for more information, Maria may be the team member you will be speaking to. She ensures that a programme is the right fit for the prospect while being heavily involved in the registration and enrollment of learners onto our programmes.

While being involved in the operations of the Henley Executive MBA, Maria also assists in the sourcing and creation of engaging content for our social media channels, particularly those related to the MBA and Henley Business School Malta, providing our followers with motivational and informative posts. If you message one of our pages, you will likely be speaking to her.

Throughout her work, Maria draws upon knowledge from her academic background in business, holding an Advanced Diploma in Marketing and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Enterprise. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching a good series, and taking walks outdoors when the weather permits.

Odilon Scerri

Programmes Coordinator

Odilon is a Programmes Cooridnator who is primarily involved in the coordination, scheduling and logistics of active programmes and upcoming intakes. He holds a B.Sc. in Financial Services from the University of Manchester’s Institute of Science and Technology and is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers. Odilon has 40 years of experience in the Banking and Financial Services Industry, making his attention to detail impeccable. If you are a learner with Malta Business School and want to contact the school with a programme-related query, he will likely be the team members you would get in touch with. Your assessments may also reach his desk as he ensures that results, besides many other programme-related emails, are sent out on time. He is also a main point of contact for our tutors as he liaises with them. 

Odilon has a passion for anything that is culture-related, including learning new languages, besides enjoying gardening and cooking. 



Gergana is a Sales and Marketing Executive, having graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with a First Class Honours Degree in Arts, focusing on Photography. While she was in the UK, she held 3 exhibitions showcasing her work, one in London and two in Edinburgh. For one of her projects she was awarded the WEX Photo/Video for commercial and editorial photography and has collaborated with various brands through her photography. During her studies she gained experience in branding and marketing, now forming part of our Marketing Team while furthering her studies and expanding on her knowledge in the field of marketing. If you attend any physical events or workshops at Malta Business School, you will likely see Gergana’s friendly smile behind the camera. She is also heavily involved in keeping our website updated, coming up with engaging and valuable content for our social media followers, and responding to prospects’ queries about our programmes and workshops.

While balancing her work and studies, she also loves to travel to new places… with her camera of course. Alternatively, she chooses to spend her travel time with her family and loved ones in Bulgaria. A perfect day for Gergana would include reading a good book, drinking iced coffee and enjoying the sunshine on the beach.



Rachel is a Digital Marketing Executive who studied and achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Media and Production. She also studied Marketing at Diploma level and Python Programming, gaining her considerable technical skills. For some years, Rachel worked in the movie industry as a VFX editor with an American/Maltese post-production studio, where she worked on popular American television series and movies. Rachel now forms part of our Marketing Team, being the main person responsible for video recording and editing while considering different ways to add value to our social media channels, particularly in order to bring our Team closer to you. On various occasions, Rachel may also be the team member behind the camera asking you to say ‘cheeeezzeee’.

In her free time Rachel likes to write fiction, scripts and create illustrations that will improve her art, while listening to her favourite genre of music, that of heavy and industrial metal. She enjoys playing Magic The Gathering and board games with her friends. Rachel’s favourite animals are cats, cows, and capybaras.

Amanda Bugeja

School Adiministrator

Amanda is a School Administrator, responsible for ensuring the provision of a smooth and pleasant experience for our current learners on both our online (live-streamed) programmes and during physical workshops and sessions. She ensures that session recordings are made available on time and that our learners have access to all materials needed. If you are a learner with Malta Business School and need to contact our school with an ATHE programme-related query, you may need to contact Amanda. It is also likely that if you call our school or enquire with us, you will hear her friendly voice on the other end, helping to direct you. 

Amanda enjoys learning new skills, especially when they aid her in becoming more efficient, and has a passion for health, fitness, travelling and exploring new cultures, especially traditional food. Her family and friends, including her pets are at the top of her priority list.