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Effective Negotiation Skills

Skilled negotiators get more for their side, and manage to provide the other side with the best deal as well. Whether you are negotiating salary conditions, a supply contract, buying a home or a car, or even discussing where to go for dinner, we are frequently negotiating. Learn the skills of getting a larger share of a bigger pie, and still keep everyone happy with the results.


  • When is Negotiation used?
  • Negotiation Outcomes
  • Factors Affecting Negotiation
  • Bargaining Strategies
  • Strategies and Tactics for Joint Problem Solving
  • Planning for Conflict or Co-operation
  • Critical Negotiation Behaviours
  • Dealing with Different Types of People
  • The Importance of Communication and Persuasion
  • Body Language
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Tactics and Counter-Tactics.

Recommended Background

This course is aimed at people who would like to improve their confidence and develop their negotiation techniques. Professionals who are involved in negotiations with customers, suppliers or colleagues will particularly benefit from this course.


Certificate of Attendance


No Special Requirement

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Effective Negotiation Skills course

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