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Operations Management

An Employer’s Open Letter to Anyone Who is Applying for a Job

Lorenzo Mule Stagno

Not too long ago my small company decided that we’d like to add a marketing exec to our team. So we decided to do a bit of analysis into what we’d really like to have done by the person we choose. We came up with a list of six marketing duties that we thought would basically cover almost everything we ... Read More »

Monitoring Customer Satisfaction

The necessity to monitor and measure customer satisfaction comes from the fact that one of the key elements of organizational success is the customer’s satisfaction with the organization and its products.  The information obtained from monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction can help identify opportunities for improvement of the organization’s strategies, products, processes and characteristics that are valued by customers. Such ... Read More »

Involvement of people in Quality Management

People are always the toughest resource to manage and control.  Their involvement is vital for delivering products and services to customer satisfaction, therefore key to the implementation of a quality management system. Human factors influence the design of a quality management system, creating value for the organization and helping to achieve its business objectives. Process and technology are generally well ... Read More »

The paradox of standardisation and innovation

Some argue that standardisation hampers innovation as following a prescribed solution limit new ways of doing things.  This article shows that this is a limited view and that the dynamics of innovation and modern standardization practices promote innovative process to achieve competitive advantage. The International Standards Organisation (ISO) define Standardization as the activity of establishing, with regard to actual or ... Read More »