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Managing People

Participants become more aware of how members of their team work together and how they can lead their team in a more effective manner. Various HR functions will be discussed. Outline Emergence of HR Strategic aspect of HR HR functions Dealing with people Some common legal aspects Personnel management vs HR Motivational processes Organisation designs Sourcing and recruitment Performance management ... Read More »

Managing Time Effectively

To get the most out of life and reduce stress, you need to manage your time effectively. Our hands-on course will help you look critically at your day and identify where your time is going. When you manage your time, you become more effective and efficient at work and at home, and thus obtain a better work-life balance. Outline Time ... Read More »

Accredited Courses

ATHE Level 6 Certificate in Project Management Course Reference: 046/03-01/20 The aims of this qualification are to enable participants to understand the process of identifying appropriate and feasible projects. Participants will also understand how the projects can be planned and monitored in order to achieve business objectives. This qualification is assessed through an assignment which supports the development of a ... Read More »

Short Courses

Project Management This course will equip participants with tools to master the skills of planning, executing and concluding the work of a team according to time schedules and specified costs. This course is designed for individuals whose primary role is not project management, but who need to manage projects on an ad hoc basis. Effective Negotiation Skills Skilled negotiators get ... Read More »

Finance for the non-financial Executive

This course covers the basic principles of accounting and costing, while setting the scene for the understanding of financial statements and investment, and identifying related problems. As a result, participants will be better equipped for decision making. Outline An overview of financial principles The balance sheet Interpretation of accounts Financial ratios A good return Cost to volume Profit and loss ... Read More »

Henley Business School Courses

Henley MBA Course Reference: 027/MT15 The MBA by Flexible Learning is designed for experienced executives and managers who continue working while completing their MBA. It is delivered on a part-time basis over 30 months and Malta is one of the international locations where the Henley MBA can be studied. The programme combines a blend of individual and group study, online ... Read More »

An Employer’s Open Letter to Anyone Who is Applying for a Job

Lorenzo Mule Stagno

Not too long ago my small company decided that we’d like to add a marketing exec to our team. So we decided to do a bit of analysis into what we’d really like to have done by the person we choose. We came up with a list of six marketing duties that we thought would basically cover almost everything we ... Read More »

How Brexit caught Britain with its democratic pants down

Lorenzo Mule Stagno

I do not think anyone can deny that Nigel Farage, managed to pull a really fast one on the EU in general and the British in particular. Of course he did not manage this single-handedly. He had help in the form of UKIP, various Oxford Club buddies such as Michael Gove and Boris Johnson, the notorious complacency and bureaucratic arrogance ... Read More »

12 Things Successful People Do In The First Week Of A New Job

Einstein: “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and Mark Twain. What is one thing these three visionaries have in common? They all had very messy work spaces. Read More »